All the functions your business needs

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All the functions your business needs

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Point of Sale

Wally's intuitive design brings you the joy of quick and simple sales. No more complicated setups or proceedings

Product & Categories

Fast and efficient sales? Set your favorite products or categories in the main Wally screen. All products belonging to a given category will be displayed in the same color to easily find them. Also, you can include modifiers and add-ons to your order

Order Status Saving

Wally allows you to save an order status so you can add products on request, print on-going orders report,split billing, etc

Clients history

Keep records of your customers (individuals or companies) so you can easily asign them to new orders, issue invoices, and pinpoint recurring customers to offer them loyalty rewards

Discount & Annotations

Freely costumize orders, add notes to your products so you can print custom orderpads. Plus you can offer discounts to an specific product or to the complete order

Offline Wally

Offline, no problem. Wally Pos keeps up without an internet connection. Just keep working in your tablet offline without losing sales worrying about your connection, it will synchronize all its data as soon as you get online again


Don't limit your clients to only one payment method

Payment Method

Let them choose! Cash, Debit, Credit or mixed payment. Our mixed payments brings your customers the opportunity to pay part of their check in cash and the rest with their debit/credit VISA

Mobile mPOS

Our integrated solution offers your customers an easy and secure payment method for their credit and debit VISA cards


Sales Reports

Login remotely to your Backoffice on any online device, get insights of your daily / weekly / monthly sales. You can apply filters to your reports to review your sales by payment method, employees

Cash Reports

Wally gives you the chance to generate a daily sales closure debrief. Check your sales record by product, deals and sales amount

Sales Reports per Products

Get insights on your products sales by unit or sales amount. Login to Wally App, print this report without closing your cashdesk


Wherever you are, whenever you want, manage your business on any online device

Products and Supplies

Add, edit, or Delete product easily. You can create new recipes, or appy variations to your products according your needs

Users & Roles

Add more users at no extra charge. Manage the roles and profile accordingly to the user's chores/tasks


Keep an eye on your customers and pinpoint the VIP ones. Set up promos or discounts as loyalty rewards for your best clients


Sales History

Review your sales history to void past sales, issue credit notes or to review a specific date sales performance

Void and Credit Notes

Wally allows you to issue credit notes and linked them to a new order. Also you can keep record of your shop returns and credit notes

Cash Management

Wally allows you to perform and accurate cashflow monitoring avoiding money mixups


Use many devices and optimize your sales proceedings

Hardware installation

Set up and configure your equipment in a few minutes. No tech personnel or complicated instructions needed


Wally is compatible with a wide array of thermal and dot matrix printers. You can print invoices for your clients and orderpads for your kitchen or bar

Mobile mPos

Visanet Mobile Mpos integration for Credit or Debit card Payments


Find your products fast using barcodes. Redeem discount coupons from your Smartphone Screen

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