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Wally was designed to help you get a more efficent management


Increase your earnings with Wally

More options to your customers. Wally wants to ease your sales process. It allows your customers to pay in a variety of ways. Cash and/or Visa operated cards. The mixed option allows them to combine cash and credit or debit payment. Wally is all in for efective business making

Inventory Management

You can set up alerts that will notify you if any product is at minimun stock. Review all your inventory at home, at your office. Generate your supply purchase orders in a timely fashion

Follow your sales performance in Real Time

Real Time Data for improved decision making. Login remotely to your Backoffice and review your best selling products, sales status, number of deals, etc

Customer Data

Keep track of your customers data. This will allow you to keep close contact with them, send them sales events and discounts. You'll be able to pinpoint your VIP customers and obtain insights of their behavior

"El sistema de Wally te permite en cualquier instante del día saber exactamente cuáles son las categorías que tu público más busca"

Hugo Brandao | Dueño de 77 Gourmet


Nuestros clientes nos recomiendan

Daniel Cuesta

" With a few simple steps I can create an order and help my clients in a fast and simple manner, thanks Wally"

Marco Herrera

Wally simplified my sales flow and my management procedings. There's no need of me rushing to my shop, now I can access my sales information anywhere I want. "

María Eugenia Abastos

"With Wally I can review my products inventory from any of my multiple shop locations, or even at home or at my office"

Find out why Wally is the best POS

POS Mobile

Our mobile and portable POS allows your costumer to pay with their Credit or Debit Visa Cards

Customer Engagement

Keep a record of your recurring customers, send them personalized sales events

Cloud System

Cloud System 24/7 all the year around, your shop, restaurant or business information in the palm of your hand with our Wally Cloud Pos feature

Web Administration

WebAdmin wherever you are, whenever you want, keep tabs on your business through our Online web based Control Panel

Intuitive Interface

Designed to be simple and effective. The smoother and faster way to achieve bigger sales

Android OS

Offers full compatibilty on a wide range of Android Tablets

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